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Ladies and gentlemen, partners, we are all good!
Thank you followed the red sun through the course of 15 years, xinlilai products exported to Europe and the United States, in order to increase the domestic efforts, enhance xinlilai brand, nearly three years of planning of brand and upgrading:
This year: the end of the channel into a comprehensive and vivid development, focus on the two or three line cities and key markets, increase brand awareness.
Next year to further enhance the brand promotion, and selectively in the provincial satellite TV, newspapers, networks and other media brand image, into the industry well-known brands.
The annual promotion brand channel development and management, comprehensive intensive cultivation, vigorously support the new and old customers, xinlilai truly become the hot selling brand.
National distributor of friends, partners, followed by our red sun excellent team, let us join hands in creating a better tomorrow.

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