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Dear dealers friends and business partners: you are good!
Thank you for joining the "xinlilai" brand, let me, on behalf of the operation and management of the company, in the next three years the company from the market positioning and planning the new business strategy, and brand strategy.
1, we plan the company's new strategic planning and objectives;
2, planning the company's new market strategy;
3, the development of a new channel for the glass industry
Management mode;
4, planning the product brand promotion and service model; and the company's new structure and team management model;
5, the company chose a group of passion, dare to entrepreneurs to join the "xinlilai" brand, and support stronger, do a professional, expand the market, achieve a win-win mode;
6, planning the company's new sales policy and rebate policy, let the industry did not do, we do it.
7, finally: Thank you for your support of xinlilai brand, I wish you Shengyi Xinglong, career success, happy life! Let us work together to build a new wealth, a win in the future!

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